I have to flip one over at a time. How do you roll, without picking up your feet?

I’ve never had a great backbend. I used to think it was lack of flexibility in my shoulder, but after doing some research, I think it may be related more to my lack of mobility in… Read more

When in chair pose, I’ve heard that you don’t want to have that arch in your back like you would when doing squats, but I feel like it is almost impossible to have the amount of… Read more

When doing any twisting poses that involve an arm touching the ground, I notice the arm that pushes against the ground, internally rotates a bit, which causes my shoulder to roll forward. I assume this isn’t… Read more

When both feet are down, I am not sure if I should stack them or not. I realize that stacking them does not provide as solid of a base, but I didn’t know if there was… Read more


My foot always slides out of my grip. Is there anything I can do to decrease the potential to snap like a rubber band out of this pose? My flexibility has gotten better over the years,… Read more

I think I’ve heard “the arm that wraps is the grabber” but don’t both arms wrap to some extent?

When in child’s pose, should I pull, which brings my chest down, or push which then my hips feel like they lower.

I’ve been practicing for over 10 years mostly consistently, and my heels still do not touch down in down dog unless I walk my feet in closer. Does this mean my calves are too tight? Or… Read more

Camel Pose, backbend, on shins, with relaxed neck

I never know if I should relax my neck and allow my head to fall back all the way, which doesn’t elongate the spine (but opens the neck) or if I should contract my muscles to… Read more

I’ve tried inconsistently to get closer to the middle splits for about 25 years. I’ve never been able to go lower than about 6 inches from the ground. Maybe this pose isn’t possible for everyone? I… Read more

For years I’ve never been able to square my hips while in the splits. Is there any way to correct my form? Even when I try to point my back toe down and flex my front… Read more